Uncertain energy policies crippling UK datacentre industry’s future

Uncertainty and procrastination on energy policies could cause potential investors in the UK’s datacentre industry to look abroad instead, according to a climate change expert from industry body Intellect UK.

Government policy must stabilise to ensure the future of the UK datacentre industry, warned Emma Fryer, associate director of climate change programmes at the technology trade association.

As bosses from the big six energy companies are called before MPs amid consumer outrage over recent price hikes, Labour leader Ed Miliband’s proposals for a freeze in residential energy prices have been gathering significant momentum, according to Fryer.

“However, what’s much more dangerous than price hikes – which have been anticipated by the datacentre industry – is the continuing volatility of UK energy and climate change policy,” she said.

“The irony is that much of the uncertainty over energy prices has been created by government taxes and levies. And now, attempts by politicians to put their footprint on energy are causing further uncertainty that’s jeopardising the future of the datacentre industry in the UK by forcing potential investors abroad,” added Fryer.

Uncertain energy policies crippling UK datacentre industry’s future.


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