Rittal Flex-block plinth has double appeal

Successfully introduced in 2012 in the 100 mm high version, Rittal’s flex-block plinth is now available in a 200 mm high version, ex stock. Completing the series of sizes for the entire range of Rittal floor standing enclosures, the innovative design of the flex-block plinth provides simple but effective features providing time saving benefits.

Rittal’s flex block plinth is bayable, provides reduced labour times by quick and easy assembly without tools; acts as a pallet preventing the need to double handle;  enables the option for cable management/restrain within the base, freeing up  space within the enclosure; strong with loads up to 15,000 N and a vented option is available, along with filters.

Try the change, see the benefits and improve assembly times. Visit http://www.rittal.com/de_de/flex-block/_en for more details.

Rittal Industrial Enclosures and IT Data Centre Racks www.rittal.co.uk

Rittal Ltd Flex-block

Rittal Ltd Flex-block

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