Rittal at the Big Data Scotland Event #scotdata #bigdata

Rittal are at this years Big Data Scotland. an event dedicated to looking at the issues currently faced by the industry.

The volume of data being produced is almost unfathomable: by the end of 2013 global data storage was estimated to have reached 1,200 Exabytes. More extraordinary than the total culmination is the exponential rate of growth, with the amount of data produced in 2014 predicted to equal the total quantity produced in each preceding year combined.

In many respects the volume of information captured presents a challenge, as data sets can grow so large and complex that processing them and gaining any meaningful benefit becomes difficult. Ultimately the data only offers value when it can be harnessed effectively and used to generate relevant and actionable intelligence.  Only when this is done will the real benefits be achieved.

In spite of the challenges, Big Data undoubtedly presents an enormous opportunity. When utilised effectively Big Data has the potential to revolutionise the way an organisation operates; improving efficiency, enhancing insight, tailoring customer contact and directing the evolution of business operations to reflect requirement.

Hosted by Scot-Tech Engagement with support from DataLab, Big Noodle, MBN Solutions & ScotlandIS, the event will be comprised of industry keynotes, technical breakout sessions and open discussion. The conference will also feature an expo floor, allowing delegates to ‘kick the tyres’ of the leading solutions on offer, and discuss how they can be effectively applied to their particular situation and requirements.

This unique and timely event is designed specifically for business leaders and IT professionals.

This unique and timely event is designed specifically for business leaders and IT professionals. The conference is free to attend but spaces are limited.

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