CMCs delivering better reporting for more control of data centre racks

Computer Multi Control solutions (CMCs) have been widely embraced by IT managers.  A CMC provides real-time monitoring and remote management of data centres, delivering significant benefits including lower costs, increased up-time, the protection of manufacturer’s warranties, and system longevity.  Now, the latest generation of CMCs – Rittal’s CMC III solutions -have been launched with updated firmware to allow a moreuser-friendly experience along with better access to data storage and greater data storage capacity.  This makes reviewing data centre performance over time and mapping trends far easier. CMC sensors can detect and alert the user to changes in temperature and humidity as well as detecting smoke or security breaches.   The CMC III system can be pro-grammed either to respond appropriately when an alert is raised – for example a rise in temperature within the racks could automatically lead to their doors opening to cool the servers.   CMC III can also be used to monitor the DET-AC III extinguisher system via the CAN (computer area network) bus.  Alternatively, CMC III will simply raise an alert with management who can then intervene manually, and take the appropriate action.   This flexibility makes the CMC a system of choice for on-site or off-site remote monitoring. All sensors from the previous CMC II system can be connected directly to the CMC III unit without an adapter.
Rittal CMCs

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