Higher efficiency for raised floors

Two new Rittal precision climate control units are improving the energy efficiency of raised floor cooling systems in data centres.

The CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) CW and CRAC DX room climate control units can dissipate up to 167 kW of heat and (when combined with power-saving free cooling) will also help reduce operating costs.

Easy to fit to raised floor systems, both the CRAC CW and CRAC DX precision climate control units meet the needs of IT loads in data centres.

The energy savings they deliver are achieved by using innovative technologies such as EC (electronically commutated) motors and scroll compressors.

They act by cooling the hot air that has been sucked into a closed heat exchanger. The CRAC CW uses water cooled in a chiller system outside the building. The DX has a refrigerant with an externally mounted condenser unit. Both systems then blow the cold air back into the data centre via the raised floor.

All server suppliers now have approved so-called free cooling (i.e. making use of the outdoor temperature) as typically sufficient to cool data centres in Germany and other European countries.  The lower the outdoor temperature, the greater the likelihood that free cooling will be adequate and that no compressors will have to be switched on.

Both CRAC CW and CRAC DX combine seamlessly with indirect free cooling systems, cutting energy bills and the operating costs of the data centre greatly.

Higher Efficiency for Raised Floors

The two systems are supported by some of the numerous technology innovations from Rittal which are helping to ensure the energy efficiency of raised floor cooling systems.

These range from the aforementioned energy-saving EC motors used in the fans for the precision climate control units, to the highly efficient refrigerant-based special CRAC INV DX. This uses scroll compressors controlled by inverters, the cooling output of which can be precisely adapted to meet requirements and at the same time reduce the power consumption of the compressor.

The units are delivered fully assembled. Before delivery, a functional test is carried out in accordance with the current version of European directives 2006/42EG, 2006/95EG, 2004/108EG and 97/23EG.

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