A World of Knowledge with Rittal CPD Seminars

This November, Rittal will be running its next series of
accredited seminars designed to support industry professionals
in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The success of the company’s CPD programme, which launched
last year, has prompted it to be expanded to cover two new topics
about enclosures. Topics explored within the programme now include:  the relocation
of data centres; their energy efficiency; the application of IEC 61439;
enclosure equipment protection; and energy efficient cooling.

The seminars have all been reviewed and assessed by the Chartered
Institute of Building Engineers (CIBSE), to ensure the technical content
is of a high standard.

Rittal CPD Presentation

All attendees receive a certificate as evidence of their participation.

The seminars are free of charge and include short informative
presentations and a workshop:

New for this year – Energy Efficient Cooling
What it covers:  an overview of the importance of the adequate
provision of appropriate cooling when specifying enclosures.
Thermal performance, more than any other element, will form the
base line for the design of any enclosure. The seminars cover the
need for enclosure cooling; the cost of ignoring overheating;
tell-tale signs that an existing enclosure is too hot; methods to establish
the enclosure internal temperature; cooling solutions for particular
environments; impact of incorrect installation and ser service and
Aimed at:  mechanical engineers, facilities managers, estates
managers, electrical engineers and IT managers.

New for this year – Enclosures Equipment Protection
What it covers: the considerations needed to ensure the correct
and safe specification of industrial enclosures.  Providing the right
environment for the equipment being installed will deliver the best
solution, safety and reliability and the seminar covers an array of
topics including what is an enclosure; equipment protection; IP
and IK ratings and the effects of modification; security; noise levels;
maintenance etc.
Aimed at:  mechanical engineers, facilities managers, estates
managers, electrical engineers and IT managers.

The remainder of the seminars will reflect last year’s successful series
and include:

•    Building a Data Centre in the Perfect Storm
•    An Introduction to the Application of IEC 61439
•    Date Centre Energy Efficiency

For further information about all the seminars in Rittal’s CPD
programme email info@rittal.co.uk or call 01709 704105

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