Electrical Safety Assured with Rittal’s TS 8 Baying System

Safety and security are two high priorities for installers and users of electrical switchgear. To prevent personal injury or property damage as a result of issues such as fault currents (short circuits), a number of industry standards and regulations have to be followed.

These also cover the potential equalisation between all the metallic parts of an enclosure.

The TS 8 baying system from Rittal is a great example of how safety can be built-in through automatic potential equalisation without necessarily having to separately earth each individual panel.

The earthing of metallic parts on electrical systems for safety reasons is prescribed virtually everywhere. This applies to all electrical equipment and units – from simple lamps to low voltage distribution systems.

The reason is quite clear: if a problem occurs (for example, an enclosure becomes live) it has the potential to cause serious harm.

In low voltage switchgear, all the metal frame and enclosure parts endangered by stray voltage have to be earthed.

Attaching the earthing straps

To this end, earthing straps of copper wire are usually provided. These are flexible and therefore can safely contact moving parts (such as doors) to the enclosure. contact moving parts (such as doors) to the enclosure.

In enclosures, earthing straps typically also have to be connected to the frames, the side panels, the enclosure roof and any other panels.

Once all the earthing straps have been correctly fitted, there is an equalisation of potential, and all the enclosure component can be earthed via the protective conductor of the voltage supply.

The earthing straps have to be attached to enclosures by hand during their assembly, creating the potential for human error. Should a strap be forgotten, the finished switchgear will still be able to function despite the danger it might pose to people in the event of a fault.

Potential equalisation even without an earthing strip

To help limit this risk, Rittal has developed an effective solution with the TS 8 bayed enclosure system.

During the assembly phase, the side panels, enclosure roof, rear panel and gland plates are automatically connected to the frame conductively. This means potential equalisation can be achieved without necessarily having to connect these parts with earthing straps (although the final decision as to whether to leave earthing strips out completely is up to the user).

The solution is implemented using special claws or washers which press through the electrically non-conductive surface coating of the panels during assem-bly, to achieve a reliable contact. It means that all the flat panels are electrically connected to the frame, so that – in many applications – earthing straps are no longer needed. Instead, the earthing strap only needs to be attached to the enclosure door.

The contact resistance between the panels and the enclosure frame is less than 0.1 Ω, the value demanded by the DIN EN 62208 empty enclosures standard.

Simplified installation and greater safety

This automatic potential equalisation reduces the amount of material needed and enables easier assembly, simply because the time-consuming attachment of up to seven earthing straps per enclosure is no longer necessary.

What’s more, it is also easier to disassemble and re-assemble individual panels because the earthing straps do not have to be removed and re-attached each time.

Users must consider, during a risk assessment, whether the design measure of automatic potential compensation is sufficient or whether separate earthing straps are needed to meet the technical safety requirements.

Benefits at a glance

Automatic potential equalisation with the Rittal TS 8 baying system offers the following benefits:

• It saves mounting as many as seven earthing straps

• It simplifies the assembly and disassembly of all the panels

Further information at http://www.rittal.co.uk and http://www.friedhelm-loh-group.com, or on twitter @rittal_ltd.fri150405500 Electrical Safety Assured with Ritta TS8l

Rittal’s RiMatrix S takes centre stage at Data Centre World 2016

                 IT flexibility, corporate agility and reducing operational costs are just some of the key themes critical to business success that Rittal will be tackling at Data Centre World 2016.

Advanced IT infrastructures and streamlined processes help drive business competitiveness, but the speed of global innovation continues to get faster, which means a smarter approach is required to compete successfully.

This is where modular resources come into their own and is one reason why they are increasingly the go-to solutionfor IT professionals looking to develop their data centres across a range of industry sectors from financial institutions to manufacturing companies, as well as the oil/gas sectors and the military.

Rittal’s RiMatrix S modular system will be taking centre stage on the company’s stand no. J20 at the show.

RiMatrix S provides an intelligent modular infrastructure from a single source. The enclosure technology, power distribution, system climate control and electronics, right through to the IT technology are pivotal to this concept.

Based on the TS 8 enclosure and IT rack system platform, RiMatrix S delivers advantages such as flexibility, quick and simple assembly, minimal warehousing, fast availability and high quality.

It offers both an integrated solution for IT infrastructures and a future-enabled and comprehensive solution for building up state-of-the art data centres. All this is backed by Rittal’s high-quality engineering, and expert servicing and support.

“There are many reasons why companies are electing to choose modular solutions like the RiMatrix S for data centres – and flexibility and substantial capex savings are very important elements,” says Clive Partridge, Rittal Technical Manager, IT Infrastructure.

“But RiMatrix S also offers lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency. Both are key determining factors for many businesses given the exponential growth in data volumes that data centres now need to handle and the increasing cost of energy both of which are increasing pressure on IT budgets.”

Modular solutions offer both permanent as well as temporary data centres and can be supplied within shipping containers or steel rooms that are pre- manufactured at the supplier site. They can be deployed or assembled on a customer site for external use, or supplied as building-block style designs for use within data centre buildings, effectively replacing traditional raised floor and purpose-built facilities.

Furthermore, RiMatrix S can be deployed within weeks of receiving an order and in any environment, ensuring IT professionals are able to respond quickly to any demands placed upon them.

Further information at http://www.rittal.co.uk and http://www.friedhelm-loh-group.com, or on twitter @rittal_ltd


Rimatrix S

Cable entry made easy

Support arm systems for machine operation don’t just need a smart design and high load-bearing capacity; they should also offer operators easy and straightforward cable management capability. Cables need to be accessible quickly and easily in the event of damage or for retrofitting – something that is certainly true of the open support sections of the Rittal CP 60/120/180 support arm system.

Clip-on and flexible plastic covers enable easy access for operators to the cables in the support arm section when the support arm is mounted. Cables can also be easily laid or replaced by simply removing the covers The section diameters of the support arms provide plenty of room for pre-assembled cables with connectors (e.g. DVI). Meanwhile, clamping elements can also be installed in the open area of the support sections to stabilise open support sections with a long jib, preventing them from twisting.

The CP support arm system can support loads comparable to those for closed support sections, while the clip-on plastic cover then neatly conceals theclamping elements. This simple and effective option offers additional stability and safety.

It can be configured for the three load levels of 60, 120 and 180 kg (based on a jib length of one metre). And it has a standardised design, with its modular system giving the perfect solution for every requirement and delivering considerable time savings for assembly/adjustment.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com, or on twitter @rittal_ltd.
Rittal Suport Arm cable entry made easy fri120316595

Join us at Rack Integration Masterclass

Following the successes of their 2015 events, Captec are hosting an improved series of Rack Integration Masterclasses. This year Captec are teaming up with industry leading figures Dell, Kontron and Rittal to bring you the combined knowledge, expertise and guidance you need to improve your projects. The first will be hosted at their Fareham headquarters on the 23rd of March 2016.

The Masterclass will feature presentations from experts that cover every aspect of integration, with close attention paid to the risks inherent with projects and advice given as to how mitigate them. The event will also feature a forum space, a platform for industry peers to discuss and advise best practice procedures. Adding to the day, attendees will be given a guided tour of our dedicated integration facilities.

The next Masterclass Forum will be held on the 23rd of March from 9am until 2:30 pm.

This Masterclass Forum is for you if:

  • You have recurring challenges with your rack integration or supply chain management
  • You want to broaden your rack integration knowledge
  • You need to improve your integration processes
  • You want to improve your risk management and mitigation strategies
  • You are looking for an expert partner to assist with your rack projects


Where: Captec Ltd, 7 Whittle Ave, Segensworth, Fareham PO15 5SH, Hampshire, UK.

When: Wednesday, 23 March 2016 from 09:00 to 14:30

For more details: http://www.captec-group.com/events/rack-integration-masterclass-forum-2016/

For more details F