Cable entry made easy

Support arm systems for machine operation don’t just need a smart design and high load-bearing capacity; they should also offer operators easy and straightforward cable management capability. Cables need to be accessible quickly and easily in the event of damage or for retrofitting – something that is certainly true of the open support sections of the Rittal CP 60/120/180 support arm system.

Clip-on and flexible plastic covers enable easy access for operators to the cables in the support arm section when the support arm is mounted. Cables can also be easily laid or replaced by simply removing the covers The section diameters of the support arms provide plenty of room for pre-assembled cables with connectors (e.g. DVI). Meanwhile, clamping elements can also be installed in the open area of the support sections to stabilise open support sections with a long jib, preventing them from twisting.

The CP support arm system can support loads comparable to those for closed support sections, while the clip-on plastic cover then neatly conceals theclamping elements. This simple and effective option offers additional stability and safety.

It can be configured for the three load levels of 60, 120 and 180 kg (based on a jib length of one metre). And it has a standardised design, with its modular system giving the perfect solution for every requirement and delivering considerable time savings for assembly/adjustment.

Further information at and, or on twitter @rittal_ltd.
Rittal Suport Arm cable entry made easy fri120316595

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