Rittal’s RiMatrix S takes centre stage at Data Centre World 2016

                 IT flexibility, corporate agility and reducing operational costs are just some of the key themes critical to business success that Rittal will be tackling at Data Centre World 2016.

Advanced IT infrastructures and streamlined processes help drive business competitiveness, but the speed of global innovation continues to get faster, which means a smarter approach is required to compete successfully.

This is where modular resources come into their own and is one reason why they are increasingly the go-to solutionfor IT professionals looking to develop their data centres across a range of industry sectors from financial institutions to manufacturing companies, as well as the oil/gas sectors and the military.

Rittal’s RiMatrix S modular system will be taking centre stage on the company’s stand no. J20 at the show.

RiMatrix S provides an intelligent modular infrastructure from a single source. The enclosure technology, power distribution, system climate control and electronics, right through to the IT technology are pivotal to this concept.

Based on the TS 8 enclosure and IT rack system platform, RiMatrix S delivers advantages such as flexibility, quick and simple assembly, minimal warehousing, fast availability and high quality.

It offers both an integrated solution for IT infrastructures and a future-enabled and comprehensive solution for building up state-of-the art data centres. All this is backed by Rittal’s high-quality engineering, and expert servicing and support.

“There are many reasons why companies are electing to choose modular solutions like the RiMatrix S for data centres – and flexibility and substantial capex savings are very important elements,” says Clive Partridge, Rittal Technical Manager, IT Infrastructure.

“But RiMatrix S also offers lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency. Both are key determining factors for many businesses given the exponential growth in data volumes that data centres now need to handle and the increasing cost of energy both of which are increasing pressure on IT budgets.”

Modular solutions offer both permanent as well as temporary data centres and can be supplied within shipping containers or steel rooms that are pre- manufactured at the supplier site. They can be deployed or assembled on a customer site for external use, or supplied as building-block style designs for use within data centre buildings, effectively replacing traditional raised floor and purpose-built facilities.

Furthermore, RiMatrix S can be deployed within weeks of receiving an order and in any environment, ensuring IT professionals are able to respond quickly to any demands placed upon them.

Further information at http://www.rittal.co.uk and http://www.friedhelm-loh-group.com, or on twitter @rittal_ltd


Rimatrix S

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