Rittal Expertise on Show at Maintec 2017

Rittal will be showcasing some of its leading technology and much of its considerable expertise at Maintec 2017 (21-23 March, at the NEC, Birmingham).

Visitors to Rittal’s Stand M169 will be able to discuss their requirements for innovative enclosure systems and find out more about how the adequate provision of the maintenance and correct specification of system can result in substantial reduction in down time, energy use and equipment failure.

Of particular note will be the presence of the multi-award winning Blue e+ climate control system which was launched in 2015 to great acclaim thanks to its outstanding energy savings and flexibility.

System Surveys, Servicing and Maintenance 

Anyone keen to improve the long-term health of their systems can talk to Rittal’s expert team on the stand. These discussions might range from possible remedial action if equipment is  overheating,  tripping or failing, to optimum service programmes for maintaining systems‘ viability throughout its working life.

For example, running manufacturing automation systems consistently at high temperatures will have a major negative impact on the system’s performance, reduce its service life and raise potential safety issues. These may lead to a loss of production, costly equipment replacement/repair and Health & Safety issues. All of these factors are preventable with the correct action.


A Rittal RiAssure3 survey will identify the likely risk of a system overheating which could lead to equipment tripping or failing.  It will then provide recommendations around remedial action – for example, changes to the system’s service and maintenance regime to help improve its efficacy or the need to invest in different climate control technology.

Blue e+ – Climate Control solutions 

The Blue e+ climate control system is a major advance for both the industrial and IT sectors and provides benefits to all users.  It addresses common problems of panel builders, systems integrators, original equipment manufacturers and end users alike.

As well as being far more energy efficient than existing cooling solutions, the Blue e+ uses state of the art technologies to deliver greater flexibility, safety and ease of handling.

Key to the efficiency of the Blue e+ is Rittal’s innovative patented hybrid system which uses a clever combination of a compressor cooling device and a heat pipe to take maximum advantage of passive cooling.

As a consequence, energy savings have been up to 75 per cent better than conventional units – a quantum leap forward for cooling systems, and a major incentive for manufacturers seeking to minimise steep rises in energy prices.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.


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