System solutions for all airport applications

We take it for granted that airports and airlines will run smoothly to get our journeys off to a good start. The thought of queues at check-in and to board a flight doesn’t fill anyone with joy, but it’s particularly galling if delays and lengthy waiting times are caused by problems arising from back-end systems and security infrastructure.  As we’ve seen, these can quickly lead to flights grounded, online services being unavailable and a large number of very frustrated travelers – many of whom may avow to switch provider in future.

The truth is that airline and airport services now revolve around online systems and the electrical equipment that drives them.  From reservations and baggage handling, to air traffic control and control rooms, apron navigation and airside lighting – all depend on devices such as servers, UPS batteries, PLCs and inverter drives.

These components can be sensitive pieces of kit and they certainly don’t react well to high temperatures.  But any interruption in their service can cause unutterable chaos in not only the airport or facility that houses them but those much farther afield as well, with the effects felt for days and weeks afterwards.

There have been several recent high profile cases in which outages or failures have had significant consequences.

The examples highlighted underline the need for airlines and airports to adopt a
belt and braces approach to their infrastructure, ideally having them professionally audited and putting measures in place to make them resilient.

We assist suppliers to airports
and airports themselves in protecting and providing the ideal environment for electrical and electronic equipment, whether located indoors or outdoors, thereby reducing the risk of failure that could affect critical processes.  

Rittal is a global manufacturer of IT racks, industrial enclosures and complementary climate control and power distribution products.  Although we supply these products to our customers, the greatest need we satisfy is peace of mind.


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