Rittal Backs Open-Data Center Project Award

The “Open” revolution, originally inspired at the software layer by the work of the Linux Foundation, OpenStack and others, and more recently at the hardware level by the Open Compute Project Foundation led by Facebook, is empowering the industry to develop more intelligent and free-flowing infrastructure across the whole IT stack.

“At Rittal we believe in the power of collaboration and feel it is our duty to be part of the “open” innovation process with organisations like the OCP Foundation that are pushing the boundaries of data center design,” says Jason Rylands, Director Data Center and Open Compute at Rittal.

This award will be presented to a data center project that has used an “open” approach in whole or in part, and that demonstrates its success over and above that of a traditional deployment – the entry criteria are available online here. The winner will be announced at a gala ceremony on the 7th December in central London.

Previous winners of the Open Data Center category include Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and CERN in Switzerland, as well as Riot Games and China’s Alibaba from the commercial sector, demonstrating the diversity in the adoption of such technologies.

A Truly International Judging Panel

The judges of this year’s award will be Bill Carter, CTO, Open Compute Foundation; Jason Rylands, Director, Rittal; Yuval Bachar, Principal Engineer, LinkedIn and Founder of Open19; and Wen Yong Gang, Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University

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