Network Cable Organiser – NCO.

Revolutionise your cable management…

Modern network infrastructures are reliant on optimum performance and
maximum flexibility with their cabling.
The Network Cable Organizer (NCO) is indispensable for ensuring this.
It revolutionises patching work on the enclosure, with 8 times faster
assembly. This not only nets you huge time savings, it also creates space
and order in the rack.


  • Front access – Ideal for retrofitting into existing 800 mm racks
  • Secure locking – Each cable cassette has a cable attachment to avoid mechanical strain on the cable
  • Preconfigured – Complete CAT 6 systems including 24 cable cassettes, 8 times faster than conventional cabling
  • Always the right length! Surplus cable lengths – whether CAT 6 or fibre-optic – are simply withdrawn with a spring balancer
  • Minimise cable chaos – Prevent obstructions to the air circulation in the vicinity of network switches

Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.     

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