Smart Telco The Buzz of the Future

Everyone is streaming everything. There’s more and more content out there, and no one
wants to wait for it. The demand for high-quality and high-speed data, anywhere, is a
challenge telecommunication providers have to meet.

5G networks are the new driver for the telco market, as they are predicted to deliver
speeds in multi-gigabits per second. The rise of 5G coincides with the explosion of
connected devices and systems associated with the Internet of Things (IoT). Processing
these high volumes of data, at a faster speed, will require new antennas, new devices,
and new applications. And the influx of this additional data – which will need to be
processed in real-time – will drive the need for mobile edge computing.

This is just one of the areas Rittal will be discussing at this years DCD event, Join us on  Stand #9 or click on the link below to find out more.

DCD – Europe’s high-density expert meet-up for data center and cloud infrastructure:  5-6 November 2018 / Old Billingsgate / London / United Kingdom

Smart Telecom 4pp 1018-1


Smart Telecom 4pp 1018

Cooling for all Edge Scenarios – From Single Racks to Entire Data Centres

  • A world-first: a hybrid system with 35 kW cooling output
  • Other highlights: refrigerant-based solutions with 20 kW and 35 kW outputs and a new generation of water-based IT cooling systems for environments with high air humidity
  • High degree of redundancy ensures the high uptime required for edge solutions

Rittal has added 20 and 35 kW output classes to its portfolio of refrigerant-based IT cooling solutions, meaning it can now offer a cooling solution from 3 kW right through to 55 kW.

Edge Cooling inage1 fri180426310

The portfolio also includes a world first: a 35 kW hybrid version that will utilise indirect free cooling where conditions are suitable, making it highly energy-efficient.

Compact cooling systems are also available in high-redundancy configurations. These meet the need of today’s IT infrastructure for high uptime – which is of particular importance for state-of-the-art edge computing solutions to ensure the uninterrupted flow of data.

Hybrid solution with natural cooling when conditions are suitable

The innovative liquid cooling package (LCP) DX/FC Hybrid includes both a refrigerant circuit (DX = direct expansion) and a separate water circuit (CW = cold water). This means that the solution can deliver the required cooling output very efficiently, in line with external temperatures.

It’s a particularly cost-effective solution for locations with low to moderate ambient temperatures as it automatically switches to indirect free cooling when outside temperatures are low, using its external hybrid condenser with integrated free cooler. This use of indirect free cooling is key to helping lower operating costs.

Efficient, space-saving refrigerant-based solutions

The new LCP DX solutions for suite cooling have outputs of 20 kW and 35 kW and suit small to mid-sized environments. Both devices are inverter-controlled and ideal for cooling IT hardware.  They can precisely control the server inlet air temperature with a maximum deviation of approximately 2 kelvin. The cooling output is continuously adjusted in line with heat loss in the rack, minimising energy consumption for cooling, and cutting IT operating costs.

Space-saving rack cooling with the typical “back-to-front” air routing used in IT can be delivered through the roof-mounted cooling unit, even for smaller output categories (up to 3 kW).

The LCU DX IT cooling unit is compactly designed and offers cooling outputs of 3 and 6.5 kW, with or without redundancy.  In order to save space, the internal unit is installed between the 19-inch rack and the side panel.  This solution, designed for maximum uptime, has two external units but only one internal unit.  Inside is a heat exchanger with two cooling circuits, two power supply units and two separate controllers.  It automatic switches over to its backup mode in the event of faults or when operating-hour thresholds are reached, increasing reliability in IT facilities that need to operate around the clock.

It reports any faults to the Rittal CMC III monitoring solution, and can also maximise energy efficiency by cooling individual racks, rather than the entire environment.

High-performance cooling with water

Rittal’s product suite includes water-based LCP CW rack and bayed suite cooling systems.  Here too, the company is adding new products in the shape of IT cooling units with high cooling outputs – up to 55 Kw – and a small footprint of only 0.36 m², enabling the best possible use of available space.

Their high water inlet temperatures allow greater use of indirect free cooling, again, reduce operating costs. They can be deployed in conjunction with a heat pump, as their LCP CW glycol coolants can generate high water return temperatures.

Edge Cooling image2 fri180426610

Use in environments with high air humidity

The special features of these units include improved condensate management through an innovative spray eliminator employed in some LCP Inline CW models.

As a result, they are ideal for areas with high air humidity or low water inlet temperatures. Furthermore, a new plug-and-play mount means that the fan unit can be replaced without the need for tools.

New IT cooling brochure

A complete overview of Rittal’s IT cooling solutions, is available in the company’s new brochure which can be accessed online –

Further information on Rittal’s innovative cooling systems and solutions is available at:

Rittal-CSM Finalists for Manufacturer of the Year 2018

Rittal-CSM has been short-listed for a prestigious Manufacturer of the Year award.

The award is part of the wider Western Morning News’s Business of the Year 2018 event, held every year to celebrate the best businesses in the South West.

The news comes on the back of a record year for the business, which has seen 30% growth and a significant increase in orders over the last 12 months; a trend that looks likely to continue well into 2019.

It’s a strong position for the company to be in, and particularly impressive given the economic climate and current uncertainty over Brexit.

Recruitment Drive

To support its rapid expansion, the business has been actively recruiting for key roles in machine setting and operating, welding, and engineering.

It launched a new specialist careers website ( to showcase the company and offer insights around corporate values, its ethos, locations, current job vacancies and required skill-sets for different roles.

There have been recruitment open days, attendances at recruitment fairs and close partnerships with the local JobCentre Plus.

Unemployment is at an all-time low in Plymouth so meeting the company’s recruitment needs has been demanding, as well as a fantastic opportunity.

Investment in Training

As the business has grown, there has been a concurrent need to upskill and develop staff, as well as invest in training for new recruits.

The team has worked in close partnership with various training companies such as City College Plymouth, FTT, CMT, and the University of Plymouth to name a few!

It has increased the number of apprenticeships to bring in new talent, thus allowing people the opportunity to gain qualifications while learning on-the-job.  Meanwhile, more employee’s managerial skills have been developed through Level 3 CMI Apprenticeships.

In-house training sessions have been run across numerous areas and a number of unskilled workers have been trained in areas such as welding, grinding and machine operating/setting.

Local Community Impact

The company’s successes haven’t just been reflected in its investment in training and recruitment programmes.  It has also had a positive knock-on effect for other local businesses and suppliers in the area, extending its achievements across the local community.

The winner of the title ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ will be announced at the Western Morning News Business Awards held at the Crowne Plaza, Plymouth, on Thursday 22nd November 2018.

Rittal Offers Panel Opportunity to Test Drive the Perforex Solution

Rittal is offering UK customers the chance to ‘test drive’ its Perforex machining and automation systems before they buy.

Rittal Perforex machining centres are a major advance for switchgear manufacturing. They are designed to automate the creation of bore holes, cut-outs and threads in mounting plates, enclosure doors and side panels.  It means that the time-consuming and mechanical processing steps required for the preparation of enclosure panels can now be accomplished in a single work step to an extremely high degree of accuracy. The work can be simply programmed into the Perforex to be repeated multiple times for fast, effective batch processing. 


Customers are being invited to Rittal’s new Working Demonstration Centre in Rotherham to see a working demonstration model of the Perforex. They can bring examples of their own enclosure modification projects using Rittal AE enclosures and compare the quality of finish they’re currently achieving, as well as the time a job takes, with that delivered by the Perforex.

“The Perforex really is a game-changer for panel builders,” says Paresh Kansara, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial and Outdoor Enclosures.  “Automation of mundane and routine tasks improves accuracy and quality, as well as increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.  

“We’ve heard of projects that would have taken up four hours, now completed in 20 minutes to a consistently high standard of finish, whether the order was for one panel, or 100.  And because it’s cleaner and there’s less waste, it can also transform the working environment.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to offer a no-obligation opportunity for customers to see it in action and ‘test drive’ it in the UK.  We’re looking forward to demonstrating it to them.” 

Rittal’s Working Demonstration Centre also includes a RiMatrix Rig – Rittal’s integrated modular solution for IT infrastructures – and a working IT chiller, which demonstrates Rittal’s ongoing commitment in preparation for IoT demands and delivering edge computing solutions.

The Perforex is one of a range of automated tools, developed by Rittal, to support panel building and switchgear manufacturing. 

They include tools to help with:

  • handling and ergonomics in the assembly of mounting plates and panels
  • cutting centres for effortlessly cutting cable ducts, cable duct covers and support rails
  • automated wiring to automatically wire enclosure mounting plates, which is a huge time-saving advance – potentially saving 15 working hours per enclosure

To book a Perforex Free Trial customers should contact their Local Rittal Area Sales Manager, or email

Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.     

National Customer Service Week – Recognise and celebrate excellent customer service #NCSW

The ICS’s National Customer Service Week, is a week-long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.
With the drive towards our customers being at the centre of everything we do, Rittal are again ready to take part and are holding a series of events from the 1st to 5th of October.
During the week we’re looking forward to enjoyable, enthusiastic and lively debates; and take the opportunity to highlight how Rittal are committed to continue to improve our service offering. Each day will have a customer service related theme to aid discussion and thought leadership.

Monday – Insight
Tuesday – Agility
Wednesday – Skills
Thursday – Leadership
Friday – Reward

We take our customer relations seriously – it’s such an important part of our business. The week will help us to not only reflect on what we’ve done but look ahead to how we can get better. It also gives us the opportunity to recognise and celebrate what we do on a day to day basis to serve our customer needs.

Further information at or contact 01709 704105