Rittal & EPLAN at SPS Drives 2018

“The solution provider for the control and switchgear engineering value chain” is how Rittal presented itself at the SPS IPC Drives automation trade fair in Nuremberg this week. Rittal & EPLAN took customers to the world renowned exhibition  where the highlight was the presentation of the new VX25 large enclosure system under the motto of “System Perfection”. 


Uwe Scharf, Executive Vice President at Rittal said: “At SPS IPC Drives 2018, we prove that Rittal has consistently thought its way beyond individual products and into the value chain of control and switchgear engineering. These integrated solutions offer tangible benefits such as high cost-effectiveness, speed and innovation,” the head of the Industry Business Unit added.

Attendees spent time at the EPLAN stand where they got to experience how digitalisation is the driving force behind efficient engineering and is the base for a smooth production integration. In the era of Industry 4.0 and big data, companies can only secure their competitiveness by continually having high-quality data available along their value chains.


Maximising their visit to Germany, the attendees visited the new Rittal Innovation Center in Haiger. The centre provides a very special insight into the value chains of control and switchgear manufacturing. In the 1,200-m² building, the enclosure and system provider is emulating an actual manufacturing operation. It is a place that brings together customers and developers from Rittal and Eplan, giving them the opportunity to discuss all process steps directly at stations that are outfitted with machinery and tools, based on specific everyday situations. They can then develop solutions ranging from engineering, material delivery, component preparation and processing and right through to the finished product.

2018_11_28_TG UK

We would like to thank everyone who attended with us and we hope you had a great experience.

If you would like any information about the products or services from Rittal then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Rittal and ABB are ensuring IT efficiency at expanded Croatian airport

New data centre for Dubrovnik Airport from Rittal and additional partners • Fail-safe IT systems for checking in and baggage distribution around the clock • High-availability IT for over 3.5 million passengers in Dubrovnik, starting in 2019

Croatia has become a popular destination and passenger traffic at Dubrovnik Airport is constantly increasing. In the context of the airport’s expansion, in 2016 Rittal took on the task of general contractor to build a new data centre that has been fully operational since 2018. This means that the airport operator continues to be able to offer passengers the greatest possible comfort in and around the check-in, using rapid IT systems. Croatia’s largest airport terminal is to be completed at Dubrovnik as early as 2019 and with an annual capacity of around 3.5 million passengers.

“More and more people are visiting Croatia and entering the country through our airport,” says Tomislav Macan, Maintenance and Development Manager at Dubrovnik Airport. “That’s why we have expanded the airport and have installed a new data centre. This was achieved very efficiently and professionally with the aid of the services provided by Rittal and partners,” Macan continued.

High availability for the IT systems was a top priority when designing the new data centre. After all, a breakdown can bring the airport operations to a standstill. Consequently, the central components of the IT infrastructure designed as redundant, so that if there is a defect, the replacement systems can take over immediately. Project partner ABB protects the power supply with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system.

“Within a critical infrastructure, the energy supply is a sensitive issue, and a failure of the IT would make operation in the terminal difficult straight away. The solution from Rittal and ABB ensures that the airport operator has security; the IT systems can operate even in the event of power fluctuations or brief power outages,” says Kevin Bickerstaffe, Global Sales Manager, ABB.

“With the current project in Croatia, we have proven once again that we have an international and efficient organisation. Along with global partners such as ABB and regional service providers, we are thus in a position to implement challenging IT projects ranging from planning to operation,” says Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President Business Unit IT, Rittal.


Extensive monitoring ensures ongoing operation

The Rittal CMC III monitoring solution oversees the infrastructure in the data centre, enabling IT experts to quickly recognise any deviations from regular operation and so respond before the system comes to a complete halt. The monitoring solution is connected to the building’s central monitoring system, so that the operators of the IT can see the status of the entire system at a glance.

Besides this, Rittal TS IT racks are used in the data centre; this supports the fast and efficient set-up of the IT infrastructure as all the components are standardised. The IT racks are installed in a security room specially developed by Rittal, which offers maximum physical protection against external access or fire. Access control ensures that only authorised persons can enter, while an early fire detection system issues a prompt warning in the event of a dangerous fire developing.

Christmas Delivery Information

Rittal limited will be carrying out it’s annual stock-take on Thursday 13th & Friday 14th December where the business will be open as usual but no orders will be dispatched within this time. We close the business at 5pm on Friday 21st December and our last shipping day is Thursday 20th December.

We re-open at 9am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019 and this will be our first shipping day.

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“Stronger together” in sales channels

  • Over 70 partners discussed edge technology, Blockchain and new business models in Dublin
  • Strengthening each other and making use of individual expertise for synergy effects
  • Expanding the Rittal IT Ecosystem for joint growth

Herborn, 31 October 2018 – “Every partner has different strengths and brings along its own individual capabilities.” Host Andrew Grace, Head of Global IT Channel & Partnerships at Rittal, invited participants at the second partner conference to “use these opportunities for synergy effects.” Under the motto “Discover the Edge”, Rittal invited its European partners, including over 70 IT resellers, distributors and system integrators, to Dublin at the end of September. There they were able to gain insights into ground-breaking data centre market trends, innovative business models such as Blockchain, as well as Rittal’s solutions and IT ecosystem.

IT Partner Summit Group Shot

One main objective of both the event and the Rittal partner programme is for the partner companies to improve their international market opportunities and make growth easier through intensive cooperation. Among other things, Rittal provides its specialist expertise from the industrial sector, enabling partners to create new business prospects, said Mr Grace, motivating the partners to collaborate with each other.

Industrialising data centres

Alongside cooperation at company level, standardisation is also a decisive factor in order to remain technologically competitive in the dynamic data centre market: “Today, storage manufacturers and data centre planners are already struggling to keep pace. Data volumes are growing faster than the storage systems can be produced or the data centres can be planned and built,” added Jason Rylands, Director International Sales at the German cloud start-up iNNOVO Cloud. “Standardised, modular data centre containers, constructed as modular systems, can be implemented quickly and represent a reliable solution for meeting these demands, thanks to the short preparation time involved. This allows us to drive industrialisation forward in data centre construction,” Mr Rylands continued. This is another important prerequisite for data processing in the course of 5G. The new mobile telecommunication generation is an immense driver of digitisation.

Blockchain, the “trust machine” for reduced costs

Another digital trend topic is Blockchain. The “Trust Machine”, as expert Dr Rudolf Mauch called the technology in his keynote speech, offers companies many benefits, including cost savings ranging from 50 to as much as 80 percent, according to statistics.

“Who would not want to save fourteen percent when transferring money from Switzerland to Germany? Dr Mauch asked the participants. Fees for international bank transfers could become a thing of the past thanks to Blockchain. According to the World Economic Forum[1],

[1] World Economic Forum report predicts that by 2025 10% of GDP will be stored on blockchains or blockchain related technology.: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2016/05/27/how-blockchain-technology-could-change-the-world


Rittal RiMatrix S Containerised Edge Data Centres for the Next Generation of Telecoms

There are a number of major trends and technologies – such as IoT, smart devices, blockchain, AI, content streaming and immersive experience – which are currently reshaping the IT market and changing the requirements for IT infrastructure.  These requirements include:

  • Low latency, local data processing and high autonomy of infrastructure
  • System-wide security
  • High bandwidth

Added to which, there are industry-specific requirements, such as the need for particularly high physical protection in harsh environments.

For these reasons Rittal is expecting local IT resources – deployed in close geographical proximity through edge computing – to become more widely deployed to ensure that latency is low and data is readily available.

Edge flips the computing paradigm, pushing computing and data closer to users and Rittal has responded with some innovative solutions, tailored to sector applications.

Speed on the Edge

The rise of edge computing, which essentially provides computing resources at the perimeter of a given network, is expected to be rapid and immediate.  The focus is typically on the immediate processing capacity required at the source of data, making it as fast and secure as possible.

For example, in “smart” production systems, sensors and actuators continuously relay information on the status of processes and infrastructure. This forms the basis for innovative services such as alerts, predictive maintenance, and machine self-optimisation, delivered by the company’s IT department in real time. For this to happen, and for quick responses to events and anomalies, it’s critical to have low latency between production and the IT infrastructure.

Rittal’s RiMatrix S Containerised Edge Solution

With all this in mind, Rittal introduced its RiMatrix S Containerised Edge Solution: an end-to-end product with standardised, pre-configured IT infrastructure.

The Rittal RiMatrix S Edge Containerised Solution is a turn-key solution, based on standardised infrastructure. It can be implemented rapidly and cost-efficiently – paving the way for Industry 4.0 applications.

RiMatrix Balanced Cloud Center - Telecoms

For customers, Rittal’s main USPs are as following:

  • Global reach and off-the-shelf availability
  • Highest quality, with German engineering delivering against global standards
  • Maximum flexibility with highly scalable options

The Rittal RiMatrix S containerised solution comprises:

RimatrixS Single 6: (60kW)

  • Compact container 7.2m x 3m x 3m
  • 6 x 42U 600 x 1200 server/storage racks with A and B PDU’s
  • 1 x 42U 800 x 1200 Networking rack
  • 1 x UPS n+1 60 (70kw) rack and associated battery rack
  • 1 x Power distribution Rack
  • ZUCS load following climate control system (ZeroUCooling System)
  • Early Fire Detection system
  • Dual climate separation cold/hot aisle (equipment and utility separation for different temperatures, to maintain UPS battery life))
  • Full remote control via TCP/IP, SNMP

RimatrixS Single 9: (90kW) as above but no UPS.

  • Compact container 7.2m x 3m x 3m
  • 8 x 42U 600 x 1200 server/storage racks with A and B PDU’s
  • 1 x 42U 800 x 1200 Networking rack
  • 1 x Power distribution Rack
  • ZUCS load following climate control system (ZeroUCooling System)
  • Early Fire Detection system
  • Climate separation cold/hot aisle
  • Full remote control via TCP/IP, SNMP

All the above can also be supplied as a “room within a room” version, in a single or double variant.  The modular approach is very flexible and provides customers with a range of options for a variety of scenarios.  For example, installation in an IT security room, or in a container, to be located wherever it is required.

Combined with the as-a-service offering that Rittal jointly provides with iNNOVO Cloud, the Rittal Edge Data Centre is a complete, one-stop solution for enterprises of all sizes.

Edge Applications for Telecoms (5G)

As 5G networking comes closer, telecoms firms are ready to take advantage of what IoT and edge computing can offer.

Accelerated data demands have forced a rapid re-think in how telecoms firms manage their resources, prompting a shift towards cloud-driven architectures. Any technology which can manage the increased capacity of data consumption, such as edge computing, has the potential to drastically reduce the transfer and management costs of data.

Edge data centres work well in any decentralised development of IT capacities, as they offer the short latency needed for real-time communication between IT systems.  Rittal’s Scalable RiMatrix solution are ideal for this type of application.

Web-Based Configurator

To streamline Edge data centre planning, Rittal offers a special web-based configurator (www.rittal.de/configuration-system) which means compact and small enclosures can now be quickly and easily configured online.

Customers can choose the right accessories, without reference to a catalogue, then position and prepare the enclosure for mechanical processing.

Self-Managed or Managed Services

Rittal’s data-centre-as-a-service (DCaaS) offering is a viable alternative for customers who would prefer not to operate the edge data centre themselves. They are then free to focus on their core tasks while harnessing the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) for their business.

Hand-in-hand with its IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) platform provider iNNOVO Cloud, Rittal also offers private-cloud data centres in shipping containers, as well as ITaaS. The containers are fully equipped with all key active components, such as servers, network connectivity and storage for immediate use.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

Dancing Robots are a reality at Rittal’s Manufacturing Plant in Germany

High-tech production plants that “think for themselves”, that plan things automatically and that optimise maintenance work through artificial intelligence, might sound like a futuristic sci-fi film, but it is fast becoming a reality at Rittal’s manufacturing plant in Rittershausen, Germany.

To produce its new VX25 large enclosure system, Rittal is transforming its production plant “on the fly” into a highly-advanced enclosures factory, populated by welding and handling robots. Half the conversion work has already been completed and the Industry 4.0 manufacturing unit is expected to be finished by 2020. The total investment involved has reached Euro120 million.


“In eighteen months’ time, nothing will look as it does now,” explains Carsten Röttchen, Managing Director International Production at Rittal.

The reason is the new VX25 large enclosure system, which is replacing the TS 8 – an enclosure which had long enjoyed worldwide success.  Even so, the VX25 is a far superior enclosure.  It was developed following countless discussions with customers, plus a large-scale scientific user study in Germany, the USA and China, as well as five years’ of development work.

In the process, the VX25 has been refined into a far simpler product, offering its users significant time savings. It is also extremely stable; it accommodates the tightly packed control and switchgear that governs the production of cars or heavy-duty energy storage units for wind turbines.

Ongoing Transformation

“Along with all our innovations and new product launches, we are modernising our production facilities as well,” says Carsten Röttchen.

These facilities are now being installed, step-by-step, in a conversion and transformation process which is now becoming apparent. 

Two large enclosure systems are currently being manufactured on the premises; while thousands of TS 8 enclosures are still running-off the production lines on the one side, the new VX25 large enclosure systems are being made on the other.

Better, Faster Connections

What is happening in Rittershausen is the start of a fully networked factory– something also known as “Industry 4.0” (IoT) production.

It is a project that has got a lot to offer.

“Much of this automation is based on intelligent and networked systems that think ahead, plan automatically and trigger maintenance scenarios,” explains Norbert Peter, Plant Director at Rittershausen.

He added: “This way, we can avoid any manual errors and, at the same time, speed things up even more.”

In its ultimate configuration, the new enclosure will ‘grow’ on several profiling systems, each 70 metres long. These profiles form the “skeleton” of the new system and they contain a huge amount of Rittal expertise.

Of the 70 new welding and handling robots, 30 have been moved into the production buildings and are already in operation.   The machines to communicate with each other via hundreds of sensors which monitor the fully automatic production processes.

Europe in 24 hours

Across the world, this system of networking is the logical answer to the high demands made on both production and logistics. 

Rittal’s “faster-better-everywhere” approach suits this methodology perfectly, helping the company to gain competitive advantages.  

Customer expectations are increasing, particularly around the requirement for their deliveries to be fast and on time and it won’t be long before Rittal is offering a 24-hour delivery service throughout Europe.

To this end, each production step must be part of the highly complex value chain.

“Our vision is that if a customer in Italy orders ten VX25s, our production management system here in Rittershausen will be informed automatically and it will trigger production,” Mr. Röttchen explains.

Motivated staff

Credit for a lot of this change must lie with Rittal’s employees who are underpinning much of the work, and helping to drive it forward.  They are having to make the necessary alterations at the factory to make it happen, such altering roof segments, or creating spaces for new machinery, or replacing floors that have been supporting machinery for 20 years.  They are also being very flexible, for example by working extra shifts at weekends.  

Both Mr. Röttchen and Mr. Peter are aware of just how committed their employees are and that this commitment is not something to be taken for granted.  “This conversion work is not a sprint for individual runners, but a marathon being run by a team. The staff play their part with conviction, something which earns them a lot of respect,” says Röttchen.

Staff are being offered training on the new systems at the in-house Loh Academy. The courses are currently booked out weeks in advance, with more than 250 registrations to date.

“Everyone who wants to extend their training with us is given ideal opportunities to do so.  I am proud of our expertise here in Dietzhöltztal.  It’s a world-beater,” says Norbert Peter.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.     

Rittal Online Shop – My Rittal

Rittal have a new way to source your Rittal enclosure, power distribution, enclosure climate control and IT infrastructure equipment.

The new “My Rittal” online webshop is packed with user-friendly functions for selection and purchase of the Rittal range.

Online Shop Eblast no logo-1

Fast facts:

  • Order and quote tracking
  • Product information, approvals, CAD data and catalogue available as PDF files
  • Recommended accessories and matching spares

Clear price information:

  • Download price information as a PDF file
  • See nett prices including your discount and costs

Straightforward ordering:

  • Delivery of standard items within 48 hours or on request
  • Import shopping baskets into your own eProcurement system via the OCI interface
  • Insert items from the web catalogue simply by clicking
  • Prepare and save wish lists
  • Export and import lists of items

Want to know more – email: information@rittal.co.uk

Want to register – visit: https://www.rittal.com/gb-en/shop/login


Join Rittal at DCD 2018

DCD>London 2018 (November 5-6), brings together 1,800+ delegates, 100+ sponsors and exhibitors and 100+ speakers.

DCD>London 2018 is the industry’s most renowned full-stack digital infrastructure conference dedicated to the European data center and cloud infrastructure community. The 2018 event explores the full on-premise and IT service ecosystem, from enterprise to hyperscale, and colocation to edge.

Come and see us @ stand #19 where we will have a range of Rittal products on show


Barry Maidment – IT Sales Manager for Rittal will be presenting on Monday 5th November @ 12.50 – The presentation will discuss how Edge computing enables enormous amounts of data to be processed directly at the place where they arise. Securely and in real time. Rittal prepares you and your IT infrastructure for new challenges – flexibly, economically, and globally.