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Digital transformation is rapidly changing the world. And that fits in with our guiding principle: “Nothing may remain the way it is!” Even if it might seem perfect, it can still be made better. Curious? Check out our video to learn more!

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Rittal: The IT and data centre trends in 2019

  • Data centres will acquire greater AI-based monitoring capabilities
  • Processing the flood of data in real time with edge computing
  • Hyperscale data centres will drive the cloud market
  • Streamlined cooling technologies will boost energy efficiency in the data centre
  • The Nordic countries’ location advantage will help to cut costs


Rittal has outlined five trends related to the cloud computing and data centre industry that IT managers should have on their agenda in 2019.

Trend 1: Data centres will acquire greater AI-based monitoring capabilities

Without assistance systems that feature artificial intelligence (AI), IT data centre specialists will soon be unable to operate large and complex IT systems in a fail-safe way. According to the IDC, half the components in large data centres will already be featuring integrated AI functions and operating autonomously by 2022. In order to support this development, IT administrators will have to use predictive analytics and machine learning to streamline IT operations. For example, these tools will provide predictive fault forecasts and support optimised load balancing so that companies can ensure that their IT environment offers high availability.

Trend 2: Processing the flood of data in real time with edge computing

The 5G mobile communications network is expected to be launched in Germany in the second half of 2019. The many transmission masts required for 5G will make it necessary to expand the mobile communications infrastructure through edge data centres. Furthermore, 5G will increase the amount of data that network operators and other companies have to process. The analysts at CB Insights forecast that every user will generate an average of 1.5 GB of data per day with an Internet-enabled device by 2020.

By decentralising the IT infrastructure with edge data centers, data can be processed right at its source. This will lead to low latency in data processing, enabling real-time applications for the control of industrial robots or autonomous vehicle systems. Edge data centres are connected to the cloud to provide additional data analysis.

Consequently, businesses should now be examining how to expand their IT capacities flexibly over the coming one to two years and evaluate edge concepts with this aim. The general trend towards standardisation is another key factor in achieving the fast deployment time and scalability that the market demands from data centre solutions.

Trend 3: The cloud market will benefit from hyperscale data centres

In Germany, acceptance of the cloud is continuing to grow. The pioneers in this development are mechanical and plant engineering. According to Bitkom, every second company in this sector is already using the cloud. At the same time, investments in hyperscale data centres are increasing globally, an indication of the further spread of the cloud as an operating model. Market researchers at Synergy Reach expect that there will be over 600 hyperscale data centres worldwide by 2020. Right now, the number is around 450.

That is why Rittal recommends that, in 2019, IT managers determine the necessary balance between an on-site edge or core data centre and cloud resources in line with their corporate strategy in order to optimally support application hosting and high availability.

Trend 4: Optimised technologies will increase energy efficiency

Next to high availability, energy efficiency is seen as the second most important management issue when it comes to operating a data centre. According to the Borderstep Institute, the energy efficiency of new data centres has improved by roughly 60 percent over the last decade. At the same time though, energy requirements have continued to rise as IT capacities have grown. In 2017, while servers operating in Germany needed around 4.7 billion kWh, infrastructure systems such as cooling and UPS accounted for roughly 5.3 billion kWh.

For data centre managers, the energy optimisation of the entire data centre should therefore be the top priority in the coming year. Hybrid cooling units that integrate free cooling and refrigerant-based cooling, for example, offer new approaches to cost optimisation.

Trend 5: The Nordic countries’ location advantage will help to cut costs

The Nordic region has now become an attractive location for cloud and colocation providers. Countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden offer renewable energy sources, a climate favourable to data centres, very good internet connections and a high level of political and economic stability. Analysts expect the turnover of data centres in the region to grow by eight percent per year until 2023.

When contemplating the planning of cloud projects, IT managers thus also have to weigh up alternatives in the Nordic region such as Norway’s Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD). Rittal is the LMD’s strategic and technological partner. LMD’s electrical power is entirely from renewables, and the cooling system makes use of local sea water. As a result, the facility achieves a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, and operating costs for customers are low.

How Rittal is preparing its customers for the future

“Alongside the trend toward greater standardisation, we will see companies expanding their IT infrastructure in a more decentralised way in 2019. This will support the digital initiatives that now form an integral part of a successful corporate strategy. One way of doing this is through edge data centres, which can be put into operation very quickly and on the company’s premises as IT containers for instance, and which thus support the digital transformation in all branches of industry. Rittal is offering an array of solutions for edge infrastructures, ranging from rack solutions to turnkey IT containers with cloud connections,” says Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President of the Rittal Global Business Unit IT.


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Guaranteeing process safety: Cargill inc

From vegetable oils and fruit juices to cocoa butter, most foodstuffs in our supermarkets contain basic ingredients that have been manufactured, processed, packaged or shipped anywhere in the world by Cargill. The globally active group employs more than 155,000 staff at its locations in 70 different countries. In the Netherlands, the company operates two production plants in Zaandam and Wormer where cocoa beans are processed into cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Product quality, for example the taste, colour and melting temperature, depends on many factors. For one thing, temperature plays an important role. At the same time, the hygiene requirements are high. Rittal’s products and services help ensure that all the requirements for a perfect cocoa bean can be met in full.

“Rittal’s service technicians not only know the Rittal products inside out, they are also well informed about the applicable safety regulations. The combination of Rittal products and service makes a valuable contribution to process reliability.”

John Deijle, Production Planning, Cargill Nederland


Enclosure climate control for the grinding plants

One important operation is grinding the cocoa beans. Large and powerful electric motors drive the grinders. Each group of motors is driven by a frequency inverter and controlled by a programmable logic controller. The components in the enclosure emit waste heat and thus have to be constantly cooled in order to function reliably. Cargill Nederland relies on cooling units from Rittal for the climate control of its enclosures. The demands placed on the cooling output of the enclosure cooling units are high since the ambient temperature can reach up to 45 °C . Around 50 Rittal Blue e+ cooling units are in operation at the Zaandam plant.

Preventive maintenance for maximum process reliability

Cargill has signed a maintenance contract with Rittal to ensure the high availability of the cooling units and thus of the entire production process. All the cooling units are maintained, overhauled or replaced as needed in the context of a digital Life Cycle Maintenance (LCM) system. The Rittal service team collects the defective parts from Cargill free of charge, repairs them and then returns them to the factory. Wear-sensitive cooling unit parts are overhauled or replaced quickly and suitably. This way, optimum availability is guaranteed for the customer. Cargill’s technical department in Zaandam makes a major contribution to availability by keeping a specific number of ready-to-use replacement cooling units in stock at all times.

The preventive maintenance and overhaul of the cooling units also ensures high level of energy efficiency. If the customer decides – based on a service check – to replace a defective cooling unit with a new one, Rittal Service will not make any charge for the expert opinion and will also ensure the correct disposal of the old cooling units and coolants, including the necessary documentation.

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New Year’s Resolution – Make Improvements Now to be Ready For Next Summer!

By Karl Lycett, Rittal UK’s Product Manager for Climate Control

The temperatures may be feeling quite mild, but even if the thermometer hasn’t yet regularly dropped below zero, you’re probably no longer hearing the alarms on your cooling units.  While this is likely to mean you’re spending less time maintaining overheating panels, it would be a mistake to forget about climate control. 

In fact, the opposite is true; this is actually the best time of year to turn your mind to your enclosures, carry out a climate review, and start to understand what changes or improvements need to be made.  

Last summer, of course, things were very different. Fans and filters weren’t cutting it as the ambient temperature in the workplace was higher than you wanted inside your enclosures!   Now that everything has settled down, it’s worth assessing any problem enclosures and making the necessary changes to ensure that this summer you are free to spend your time on tasks other than firefighting. 

It’s important to remember that every degree above your set-point will be time removed from the life of your expensive equipment, including PLCs, variable speed drives and transformers. Collectively, this can easily have a replacement value that tops £100k, even in a relatively small setup. If you replace only 2% of that equipment each year because of burnt-out componentry, then the costs can quickly mount up and it’s an entirely unnecessary spend.

But it’s not just the cost of repair and replacement of the actual componentry.  There are also the add-on operations costs caused by componentry breaking down and stopping the processes it controls. This lost output will continue for as long as it takes to repair the fault, and is bound to have consequences for your wider business, impacting productivity and efficiency, and thereby reducing profits.

Correct climate control is often overlooked during the installation of electronic equipment because the focus is all on the equipment, not on regulating the environment that it operates within.

This is where Rittal can help you, we are the world leaders in enclosure climate control products and pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor.

Rittal New Year Resolution 2019-How to check your cooling-2

With our RiAssure service, one of our trained staff can visit you and provide a FREE Cooling Review. This review is a short visual inspection of your existing enclosures and cooling equipment; from this we can ascertain the next best step for your equipment and also provide ongoing, best practice, suggestions so that your operations benefit from increased longevity, life and profit.

So make this your resolution for 2019 and reap the benefits of the optimising your climate control.

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