Seamless Automation with Rittal & EPLAN

By Janice Martin

Complete project control from the first customer interaction through to the delivery and installation sounds good on paper. But during these initial steps: design creation, schematics, purchasing, labelling, documentation and manual tasks, efficiency and control are tough to manage, and time and production costs mount.

Until now….

Rittal and EPLAN brings you a clear value chain for Industry 4.0 to a company of any size. This is the next level for industry in manufacturing, moves businesses into a new era of faster production and turnaround time…on average up to 50 percent faster.


The manufacturing ‘Value Chain’ concept has been created by Rittal and EPLAN who are part of the Friedhelm Loh Group and they have taken the power of EPLAN engineering software, Rittal enclosure systems and automation systems, so that every part of the manufacturing process is fully interconnected. No other group brings this collective manufacturing ability to the Industry 4.0 Value Chain.

The first link of the Value Chain is design, schematics and purchasing. With computer aided engineering, auto–populated materials and simulated interfaces, the EPLAN Data Portal, EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel delivers consistent project management, documentation and administration to streamline this process

The second link of the Value Chain is the need for superior manufactured components. Rittal undoubtedly produces the most innovative, modular solutions which are are certified for quality and available for quick delivery.

Finally the value chain process must be completed with the seamless optimisation of panel building and switchgear manufacturing. With the use of EPLAN, Rittal products and Rittal Automation Systems. The ideal workflow, from planning, engineering right through to production will be achieved.

Want a FREE demonstration – Contact your Rittal or EPLAN representative now

Contact: / 01709 704000

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