All-round hygienic solutions for the meat industry

At the IFFA, the leading exhibition for the meat industry held in Frankfurt, Rittal presented complete system solutions for enclosures, power distribution and climate control technology, appropriate for both hygienic and non-hygienic zones of production.

It included Rittals comprehensive ‘Hygienic Design’ range of stainless steel housings, enclosures and climate control systems, all of which are designed for hygienically sensitive areas of production which need regular wash-down.

During both production and cleaning, this range will shield and protect installed equipment from dust, dirt and powerful high-temperature water jets, by significantly reducing both dead-space and dirt traps where debris can build-up. This guarantees the highest standards of safety at all times by reducing the risk of direct and indirect cross-contamination.  It also makes cleaning easier and more economical, increases uptime and improves productivity, all while contributing to the creation of a hygenic production environment.

Alongside the Hygienic Design range, the company presented the new stainless steel range for universal applications. This included its AX and KX small, compact enclosures (available from autumn 2019) and its VX25 enclosure system.

The new stainless steel VX25 large enclosure system offers the highest levels of corrosion resistance. In addition to the frame structure, doors, panels and gland plate, all the external parts – such as 180° hinges and comfort handle variants – are stainless steel.

While this type of enclosure has IP 55 and NEMA 12 protection categories as default, the optional NEMA 4X version, with its IP 66 protection category, goes one step further.  It means that the electrical and electronic equipment in the VX25 is reliably protected against both dust and splashes – even jets of water.

The new ‘Blue e+’ cooling units are now also available in stainless steel, offering energy-efficient climate control for VX25 stainless steel enclosures, if required.

The new AX, KX and VX25 housing and enclosure systems are also fully integrated into the digital value chain of panel building and switchgear construction.

Besides the high-quality 3D data and configuration tools, QR codes have been placed onto panels which need to be machined.  This simplifies each panel’s integration into the production workflow and allows for efficient monitoring – from the receipt of incoming goods right through to completion.  Added to which, everyone within the supply chain – from the enclosure constructor to the mechanical engineer to the end customer – has access to up-to-date data for the fast ordering of spare parts, economical retrofitting projects or easy planning for plant expansions.

Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.


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