Reducing the Energy Output of Machine Tools


No business should ever underestimate the large amount of energy consumed by machine tools.  Cooling enclosures and spindles alone commonly account for more than 15 per cent of a company’s annual energy bill.

A test installation at a CNC lathe has demonstrated that Rittal Blue e+ chillers significantly reduce energy consumption while also being simple and easy to use. 

Bosch Rexroth AG, a long-established global manufacturing company, runs an energy efficiency consultancy called GoGreen at its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Lohr am Main.

GoGreen’s purpose is to examine and improve the energy efficiency of the company’s production plants worldwide. To this end, GoGreen works closely with institutes, as well as technology partners such as Rittal, to test possible solutions.

One of the most important research projects which GoGreen is involved in is the “Eta-Fab” (energy efficiency, technology and application centre) project at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

The project is headed by the University’s Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW); a facility that can closely replicate conditions and processes used in the Rexroth plant in Elchingen, allowing effective and accurate testing of potential innovations in areas such as improving the energy efficiency of machine tools.

Retrofitting CNC lathes

Among the products made at the Elchingen plant are hydraulic pumps and motors for mobile machines.  Many of the components for the hydraulic power units are manufactured on a CNC lathe which has a total connected load of 75 kVA and runs for up to six days a week in three-shift operation.

CNC lathes need their spindles to be cooled to dissipate the heat generated by the drive technology – and this is typically achieved through liquid cooling.

The GoGreen team examined what would be the impact of replacing the existing compressor cooling unit on the lathe, with a new Rittal Blue e+ Chiller.  The Blue e+ delivers the cooling medium and its DC compressor, controlled by an inverter, generates the necessary cooling output in the chiller. A circuit then transports the cooling medium to the spindles.

An impressive increase in energy efficiency

The test demonstrated that the Blue e+ could reduce energy consumption significantly.  Leo Pototzky, GoGreen Project Manager, Bosch Rexroth, said of the trial:   “The Rittal Blue e+ chiller consumes 50 per cent less electrical energy than the old chiller, while the saving achieved by the cooling unit in the enclosure even exceeded 80 per cent. This example shows us that a great potential still exists in many sectors.”

Ease of Use

The trial also highlighted how easy the Blue e+ is to operate.  The control panel with its touch display communicates to operators in plain text, and in up to 21 different languages.  This means that operators receive clear information and updates in status, which allows them to respond quickly to any issues.

The Blue e+ App communicates with the cooling units via NFC (Near Field Communication, an international transmission standard based on RFID technology for contactless data exchange), allowing important information to be transmitted wirelessly; a functionality which is especially important when a number of chillers have been configured.  It allows operators easy operational oversight and facilitates a swift response, if required.

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LCP Solutions for Edge installations

For the implementation of space restricted or EDGE installs, the Liquid Cooling Package “Rack” variants are the perfect solution.

These variants deliver up-to 53kW of cooled air directly to the front of the rack, which means when combined with a glazed door you have a miniature cold aisle!

This allows the flexibility to install your equipment where it’s needed, whether this is next to a production line or in the corner of a busy office.

Rittal is a pioneer in the market of Rack cooling so take advantage of our expertise and contact us on or visit the link below…

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Digital transformation is rapidly changing the world. And that fits in with our guiding principle: “Nothing may remain the way it is!” Even if it might seem perfect, it can still be made better. Curious? Check out our video to learn more!

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“Inline” configuration

For customers utilising aisle containment, our Liquid Cooling Package are available with an “Inline” configuration. This delivers the air directly into the cold area, for it to be utilised by your IT equipment.

These variants are available up-to a maximum output of 55kW per unit. This means you can build redundancy into your install by combining multiple units, which will work together to maintain the protective environment and increase their output in the event of an issue.

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SMP 7 - Inline LCP

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Reducing energy usage

In the current climate, reducing energy usage is a paramount concern to many IT professionals.

Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package range are load following and utilise EC fan technology, meaning they will perform to the current output level that is required within the rack, rather than using excessive energy.

This increases the overall efficiency of your cooling system and reduces your energy costs.

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Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package

Whether you have a small “office” rack, or you are implementing some high density computing project with large heat loads, Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package can handle it.

We offer our LCP’s as standard at varying outputs up-to 55kW per unit. That means you can be more efficient with your equipment by filling up your racks.

All while having the peace of mind that your expensive equipment will be maintained within an optimum operating environment.

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IT Cooling solutions

With both DX and Chilled Water variants available in the range, you can be assured there is a variant to suit your needs.

Our trained sales managers are happy to discuss your project in detail and provide you with recommendations to ensure the product is specified to your specific project requirements.

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Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package

Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package is all you need to provide effective cooling to your IT equipment. With various frame sizes, outputs and option packages available, you need look no further.

We will be covering some specific advantages in detail over the coming days, but in the meantime for more information, contact or visit the link below…


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Climate Control maintenance is no false economy…. It’s the key to efficiency


Is a lot of money!  But that is what I was told it costs one of the UK’s largest automotive manufacturers PER HOUR when they experience downtime on their paint plant.  Your overheads may not be as substantial as the above example, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the old adage you hear in every corner of business and production is true:

Time is Money

Regardless of your industry and the product you manufacture, production downtime is a crucial performance indicator to monitor because of the direct impact it can have on your bottom line. More downtime equals increased spares/maintenance costs, taken directly from your profit. This could have been invested to meet more pertinent business objectives, purchasing new machinery etc.. 

When I speak with customers across the UK regarding their attitude towards climate control maintenance, it tends to fall by the wayside on the priority list and there seems to be some main drivers for this thought process:

“I will just fix a problem when it occurs”

In the past, the approach of reactive maintenance was seen as acceptable for most businesses. However times have changed. The key goals of any sized business are now becoming “increased throughput”, “Cost Efficiency”, “Continuous Improvement”.  Potential roadblocks to output targets need to be nipped in the bud and nobody wants to be the one in the morning meeting explaining why yesterday’s targets weren’t met!

The implementation of a semi-regular maintenance schedule doesn’t have to be massively time-consuming. Even something as simple as a weekly visual check of cooling equipment filter mats or any system alarms can alert you in good time to call in the experts, who can then perform a more detailed review for you.

 “My equipment is currently operating and I haven’t serviced it in months/years”

The problem may be “out of sight, out of mind” for now but the longer your cooling equipment is left unchecked, the higher the risk.

For example, if a fan unit is in a dusty environment and the filter mat becomes clogged, this will reduce its effectiveness to cool the electrical equipment within due to a reduced level of air throughput.

This in turn can increase the enclosure internal temperature. As a rule of thumb, for every 10°C you increase your internal temperature, you halve the life of the equipment within and increase the likelihood of an unexpected failure.

“We just open the enclosure door for a while”

This is treating the symptoms rather than the illness. If you are having to resort to a tactic such as using large fans to blow ambient air into an open enclosure you could be doing more harm than good. Not to mention that this is a massively dangerous solution from a health and safety standpoint.

An enclosure’s purpose is to create an environment in which electrical equipment is protected from ambient contaminants. Having the door open allows a constant stream of dirty air to be pulled into the enclosure. This will then gather in switchgear/connection points and can cause short circuits or block on-board fans which will result in damage to componentry, reduced life and possible critical component failure.

If this course of action is required it can point to the fact that the cooling equipment currently employed is not adequate for the installation, or it requires some level of maintenance to bring it back into working order.

A RiAssure FREE Cooling Review from Rittal is perfect in this instance as your local Climate Control expert will perform a short appraisal of your existing equipment, give you honest feedback as to whether the equipment is adequate, and also provide details/quotations for a service contract to suit your ongoing needs.

 “I don’t have the manpower/we have a company who does that work for us”

Many companies I visit tell me that they outsource their servicing to a third party, however I tend to question what checks they are performing, given that I have been called onto site because an enclosure is overheating!

On one occasion, I asked the customer to speak with his current service provider to understand what checks were being undertaken, because his cooling units were in quite a state of disrepair. It became clear after a short discussion that they serviced “Air Conditioning” in the offices and didn’t even look in the factory…

Obviously this is not the case for all service providers out there, however climate control equipment becoming increasingly efficient, while new, sophisticated, cutting-edge technology is launched every year.  The only guarantee of the highest level of checks and service will come from engineers who have been trained by the manufacturers about the technology and its detailed workings.

Rittal has been manufacturing industry-leading climate control equipment for 30 years and all of our service staff are highly trained on the whole portfolio to ensure they can remedy your issues. 

Take the introductory example again and turn the spotlight onto your business. Everyone has budgets and savings targets to hit, so ask yourself, can you afford NOT to have correct maintenance in place?

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