Wall mounted distribution enclosures

Rittal’s ISV wall mounted distribution enclosures based around Rittal‘s robust AE enclosure, offer the flexibility to assemble enclosures that will accept DIN rail mounted devices, such as miniature circuit breakers, relays, contactors and meters.

To accommodate incoming protection devices there is a circuit breaker module suitable for standard moulded case circuit breakers from ABB, Eaton, Schneider Electric and Siemens, with ratings up to 630 amperes.

Selection of Rittal’s AE ISV enclosure, in sheet or stainless steel together with mounting kit, support rail, din rail mounted device modules and circuit breaker module is made easy by following a simple series of steps and options.

Design can be achieved by using Rittal Innovation 2012 catalogue or Rittal Power Engineering Software.

For further details please follow the link http://www.rittal.com/com-en/product/list.action?categoryPath=/PG0001/PG0229STV1/PG0386STV1

ISV Wall mounted-s

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Rittal at the EIC connect event

EIC Connect events have two key goals – to help major international companies understand UK capability and to generate networking and revenue opportunities for the UK supply chain.

EIC  Connect  encompasses  a  series  of  Supply  Chain  Briefings,  a  Conference  and Exhibition covering global opportunities and updates on nuclear new build, gas & coal fired plants and renewable energy projects.

At least 400+ UK companies are expected to attend the event – Rittal was there.


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