Rittal Charity Cycle Ride in aid of a local children’s hospice

A team from Rittal have raised over £3,100 through a sponsored cycle ride from their factory in Plymouth to the company’s head office in Rotherham, in aid of a local charity, the Bluebell Wood children’s hospice in Sheffield.

Taking over four days and with 340 miles completed in total, the Rittal team, Ian, Nick and Phil faced the challenge with no back up vehicle, were completely self-sufficient and carried all their own essential supplies such as clothing, food and bike tools.

Bluebell Wood children’s hospice offers care and support for families with young children with a shortened life expectancy, both in their own homes and at the hospice in North Anston. They give families the chance to relax, take a break and have fun, and help to support the whole family during the remainder of the child’s life.

It costs the charity over £3 million every year to offer this support and they receive less than 5% statutory government funding. The Rittal team would like to thank all those who contributed to help the charities cause.



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Wall mounted distribution enclosures

Rittal’s ISV wall mounted distribution enclosures based around Rittal‘s robust AE enclosure, offer the flexibility to assemble enclosures that will accept DIN rail mounted devices, such as miniature circuit breakers, relays, contactors and meters.

To accommodate incoming protection devices there is a circuit breaker module suitable for standard moulded case circuit breakers from ABB, Eaton, Schneider Electric and Siemens, with ratings up to 630 amperes.

Selection of Rittal’s AE ISV enclosure, in sheet or stainless steel together with mounting kit, support rail, din rail mounted device modules and circuit breaker module is made easy by following a simple series of steps and options.

Design can be achieved by using Rittal Innovation 2012 catalogue or Rittal Power Engineering Software.

For further details please follow the link http://www.rittal.com/com-en/product/list.action?categoryPath=/PG0001/PG0229STV1/PG0386STV1

ISV Wall mounted-s

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Rittal at the EIC connect event

EIC Connect events have two key goals – to help major international companies understand UK capability and to generate networking and revenue opportunities for the UK supply chain.

EIC  Connect  encompasses  a  series  of  Supply  Chain  Briefings,  a  Conference  and Exhibition covering global opportunities and updates on nuclear new build, gas & coal fired plants and renewable energy projects.

At least 400+ UK companies are expected to attend the event – Rittal was there.


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New IEC 61439 standards are fast approaching

Rittal has produced a guide book, Standard-compliant Switchgear and Control Protection, which offers an insight into the new IEC 61439 standards and to assist Rittal customers and give guidance on how to comply with the standards.

Relating to building of control panels and electrical distribution systems, the new IEC 61439 standards will be in force from November 2014 and impact upon the design of the panel, selection of components and the testing methodology.

Basically, the panel will become a system, which means the designer/panel builder must consider: the enclosure, the effects of heat upon the components, cooling equipment, busbar system, mechanical properties and the generation of test documentation, which is a requirement.

For further information please e-mail Mark Guest (mguest@rittal.co.uk) or for a free copy of the guide book, please use powerdistribution@rittal.co.uk.

Rittal Switchgear

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Rittal Flex-block plinth has double appeal

Successfully introduced in 2012 in the 100 mm high version, Rittal’s flex-block plinth is now available in a 200 mm high version, ex stock. Completing the series of sizes for the entire range of Rittal floor standing enclosures, the innovative design of the flex-block plinth provides simple but effective features providing time saving benefits.

Rittal’s flex block plinth is bayable, provides reduced labour times by quick and easy assembly without tools; acts as a pallet preventing the need to double handle;  enables the option for cable management/restrain within the base, freeing up  space within the enclosure; strong with loads up to 15,000 N and a vented option is available, along with filters.

Try the change, see the benefits and improve assembly times. Visit http://www.rittal.com/de_de/flex-block/_en for more details.

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Rittal Ltd Flex-block

Rittal Ltd Flex-block

Uncertain energy policies crippling UK datacentre industry’s future

Uncertainty and procrastination on energy policies could cause potential investors in the UK’s datacentre industry to look abroad instead, according to a climate change expert from industry body Intellect UK.

Government policy must stabilise to ensure the future of the UK datacentre industry, warned Emma Fryer, associate director of climate change programmes at the technology trade association.

As bosses from the big six energy companies are called before MPs amid consumer outrage over recent price hikes, Labour leader Ed Miliband’s proposals for a freeze in residential energy prices have been gathering significant momentum, according to Fryer.

“However, what’s much more dangerous than price hikes – which have been anticipated by the datacentre industry – is the continuing volatility of UK energy and climate change policy,” she said.

“The irony is that much of the uncertainty over energy prices has been created by government taxes and levies. And now, attempts by politicians to put their footprint on energy are causing further uncertainty that’s jeopardising the future of the datacentre industry in the UK by forcing potential investors abroad,” added Fryer.

Uncertain energy policies crippling UK datacentre industry’s future.


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MDS visits Rittal

The Motor Driven Systems Conference visited Rotherham on Wednesday in the second of five UK dates aimed at helping industry professionals generate huge financial savings from motor driven apparatus.

 Hosted at Rittal’s UK headquarters in Rotherham, presentations from BPMA, ESTA, Carbon Trust and GAMBICA, among many others, contributed to a lively debate on how to reduce energy and make these potential savings a reality.

 John Wilkins, Marketing Manager at Rittal commented, “We were delighted to have hosted this important event and to have played our part in helping UK industry better understand the key issues surrounding improved industrial energy efficiency.   The quality of both speakers and papers was exceptionally high and the reaction from delegates was tremendous”.

 The day was opened by Steve Schofield, Director of the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA), who offered an appraisal of Europe’s position on Energy Audits.  He said after the event, “The comprehensive programme of papers, and the focused nature of the topics covered, enabled all attendees to take away a great deal of acutely relevant information. I feel sure this will help them and their colleagues to implement good strategies for improved energy efficiency across their respective operations”.

Next stop for MDS is Redditch on the 5th November, at the UK headquarters of WEG Electric Motors. For more information about this event and to book your place, please visit the dedicated MDS website – www.motordrivensystems.com.

The remaining two events will be held at Hatfield and Bristol over the coming few weeks.

For furth details about these evnets Contact:

Andrew Castle – Touchwave Media andrew@touchwavemedia.co.uk T: 07785 290034

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Ready for winter? Rittal can help

Enclosure heaters can prevent the temperature of delicate electronic equipment from falling to a level at which condensation occurs and is arguably as important as providing cooling during warmer periods.

Rittal’s enclosure heaters with fans have capacities in the range 250 W to 800 W and the smaller heaters, without fans, have an output range of 10 W to 150 W. Providing a high level of energy efficiency due to the incorporation of self-regulating positive temperature coefficient (PTC) technology, the heaters benefit from a development using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and a compact physical size that belies their heating performance.

Positioned anywhere inside the enclosure, Rittal heaters may be fitting being either by snap-fastening onto 35mm support rails or direct screw-fixing onto TS 8 punched frame sections. Quick and easy assembly is completed using clamp-type wiring terminals.

Control is effected simply by the inclusion of a thermostat or hygrostat in the supply to the heater, ensuring that either a minimum temperature is maintained or maximum relative humidity is not exceeded.

Rittal’s enclosure heaters are now available with CSA approval and can be installed on systems for export to Canada.

For more information visit our web site: Rittal Ltd www.rittal.co.uk – energy efficient enclosures and data centre solutions

AE application with heater-s